7 Beers Taster Bundle – BRØL

Normalpris 185,00 DKK
Inkl. moms. Gratis levering til afhentningsted.


Includes 7 craft beers/drinks:

2 stk. Coffee Porter 5.9% 
Made with spent coffee grains from Coffee Collective

2 stk. Raison 6.4% 
Made with surplus rice from Japanese Restaurant Damindra

1 stk. Sweet Pastry Stout 5.4% 
Made with surplus pastries from Jalm&B

1 stk. Breadwinner Ale 4.7% 
Made with surplus sourdough bread from Jalm&B

1 stk. Beetroot Kombucha 
Made with surplus beetroot from Frankly Juice.

BRØL (@broel.nu
BRØL is a fiercely independent nano-brewery that’s empowering individuals to fight food waste – one sip at a time.

Our sustainably crafted products are made with fresh unsold surplus produce provided by different collaborators. We transform this surplus produce into intense, flavor-packed beers and drinks, giving our drinkers a deliciously simple way to tackle a truly global issue. See more at facebook.com/broel.nu

BRØL's brewery is located in the building next to Nabo Farm, and we are helping each other out with sales in these rough times. This is why you can now order  BRØL beer on our website.