We are incredibly happy and proud to have moved into our new head office in Amager.

Here we are an integral part of the house Siljangade. The whole idea behind the house is to create an innovative approach and balance to the co-working and co-living lifestyle. Here you can live, work and everything in between.

We rent a large part of the basement where we have located our farm - it is ideal for our production.

In addition, we have a feeling that we fit in perfectly with the Siljangade way of thinking. There must be room for the private in the workplace and the workplace in the private. It is an extremely important and sometimes difficult balance, but it is something we have a great focus on in our everyday lives.

Some work best early in the morning and others are night owls. And with a concept like this, there is room for everyone. Individual needs can be met and this also applies to whether you work best in a closed office or would rather use the common areas.

Locally rooted and an integral part of the building

We naturally supply herbs and leafy greens to The Kitchen , which is the cafe on Siljangade, which creates vegetarian dishes daily with great consideration for the environment. It doesn't get more local than our vegetables being harvested in the cellar on the farm and brought directly to the cafe.

The collaboration between NREP (which owns the building on Siljangade) and Nabo Farm is a good example of how we can produce more raw materials in the middle of the city and thereby make the delivery shorter and utilize the space in the building ideally to the benefit of everyone. There will be savings for the companies that would be able to house a farm themselves, and in that way be self-sufficient. In the future, this will provide many more opportunities for our customers and business partners, while at the same time making a huge difference to the planet in the big picture.

Our entire delivery strategy is based on our products reaching our customers in the cleanest and freshest form and with the least impact on the environment, i.e. primarily by bicycle or via electric car. We deliver e.g. also to Edison, run by Kokkenes KΓΈkken, which is just a stone's throw from Siljangade. Our bicycle delivery man can drive straight down into the cellar at the farm, load herbs and leafy greens onto the bicycle and drive on to the customers. It is easy and effective.