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Nabo Farm's dream is to make fresh, tasty and beautiful leafy greens a natural part of Copenhageners' meals.

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We want to challenge the usual convenience options and standardized vegetables offered today. That is why we have moved the farm as close to our customers as possible, which gives us a unique opportunity to grow and deliver day-fresh local crops, with high nutritional value and lots of taste.

Who are we - Neighbor Farm

Jens and Sebastian both missed both locally grown greens and delicious optional alternatives to a sustainable lifestyle. At the end of 2018, the opportunity opened up to establish Nabo Farm in a disused car workshop in Copenhagen's northwest quarter. With a shared vision of making fresh and nutritious greens available to everyone - in balance with nature and its residents.

Nabo Farm is the country's largest vertical farm, which uses the latest cultivation methods to ensure environmentally sound production, free of herbicides, pesticides and GMOs. The transparency at Nabo Farm allows you to follow the product; from seed to crop is on your kitchen table.

Curiosity is closely linked to Nabo Farm's DNA. Ongoing experiments, inquiries from our customers and short growth periods for the crops help to ensure both development and great diversity in the flexible production.

Nabo Farm's local location eliminates long delivery distances, which reduces CO2 emissions. At the same time, the short handling of the plant ensures the best preservation of nutrients and vitamins.. Nabo Farm's modern cultivation methods use only about 1/10 of the water consumption in a similar conventional agricultural production.

We look forward to being able to contribute tasty, beautiful and nutritious ingredients to your next meal.