1kg Øko Mushrooms mix – Funga Farm

Normalpris 200,00 DKK
Inkl. moms. Gratis levering til afhentningsted.

1000g of Funga Farm's Weekly Øko Mushroom selection

This week you will get a mix of minimum 2 types. Selected depending on stock.
We currently have certified organic:
Yellow oysters, Elm oysters, Blue oysters, Grey oysters, King Oysters, Chestnut mushrooms, and Beech mushrooms.

Funga Farm (@fungafarm
We are a small craft producer of gourmet and exotic mushrooms located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Attention to detail and sustainable practices give us an edge over cheap imported mushrooms from abroad. We tailor our growing recipes to provide the highest quality mushrooms possible and grow primarily on Beech hardwood. Since we deliver mainly by bicycle, our product has a very small carbon footprint. What's more, we use recycled agricultural and food waste to boost the nutrition in our mushrooms, tackling global issues locally without sacrificing quality and taste. We are working to expand the available varieties of mushrooms to our local market and our ground up approach to production gives us the freedom to continually broaden the species we work with and provide to our customers.
Read more here: fungafarm.com

Funga Farm is located in the basement next to Nabo Farm, and we are helping each other out with sales in these rough times. This is why you can now order  Funga Farm's mushrooms on our website.