Yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit from AmagerLiv to talk about our new farm on Siljangade and the passion that drives us. It also resulted in a few nice photos taken by Olivia Loftlund from today's harvest and the daily inspection.

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As mentioned in the article, Jens, as well as Sebastian, have been on a long learning journey since they both started small with cozy cultivation of vegetables on the home front.

In a completely new industry, there are not many facts, so our two founders have had to invent almost every aspect of Nabo Farm as it looks today. This applies to both the development of software, the construction of irrigation systems, climate chambers, sensors and even the design of Nabo Farm's own harvesting tools. All with a motivation to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. As is also mentioned in the article , it is what gets us up in the morning.

In Denmark , the majority of our agricultural land is earmarked for fodder production and we don't have much more land to do good with without further damaging our biodiversity. Urban agriculture helps to create more "fertile soil" in the sense that the city's concrete can be transformed into small "food machines". As a plus, it also simplifies the entire food chain, as the raw materials come very close to the end consumer. We can see that it makes a difference, and we look forward to building many more Nabo Farme in the future.

Read more about how Jens' journey began in the article on AmagerLiv.